Great ideas for fancy dress hire!

Are you stuck for ideas about fancy dress hire? Here are some party options to get you started...

Come as your hero: Tell all your guests to come as their hero. It’s a great conversation starter and you could be surprised by some of the choices!

Dress up as your partner: Ask guests to come as their significant other. This fun party idea is sure to result in a few laughs!

Nineteenth century party: We’ve all been to 60s, 70s and 80s parties – but a nineteenth century party will take heaps more imagination. It’s a great change to go wild with decorations!

Come as a country: Another conversation starter – ask your guests to wear the traditional dress of their chosen country. Go wild with ethnic food, music and party decorations.

Strictly scary party: Bored of provocative women’s costumes and comedy costumes for men? Make a rule that everyone has to dress scarily – especially if it's Halloween! Turn your home into a haunted house with creepy decorations, eerie music and spooky punch.

Dress as a season: This original party idea is great for artistic groups.

Vampire party: Vampires are in vogue this year, so nail that trend and throw a vampire themed party.

Heaven and hell party: Will you be an angel or a devil? Decorate one room like heaven (fluffy clouds, cherubs, chilled music) and the other like hell (flames, demons and rock music).

Great Britons: Show your patriotic side and ask guests to come in British themed outfits.


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