Falabella, the striking foldover bag by Stella McCartney

Falabella by Stella McCartney is a great everyday bag. If you pay close attention when walking down the street, you will spot at least one woman holding the precious it-bag under her arm. Falabella has become a symbol of fashion, as well as practicality and style. A few years after its launch, many versions have been created and its success and popularity is growing with time, so much that Falabella has become one of the most copied bags ever.

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One of the main reasons to buy the amazing Falabella is the material it is made of, faux leather, of which Stella McCartney, animal right activist and life-long vegetarian, is a big supporter. The material is entirely environmentally friendly and eco-compatible. The message the designer wants to spread to other fashion houses is clear: is possible to make great products without sacrificing animals.

Falabella is available in three sizes: the smallest 33 × 36 cm, is the clutch, then there is the shoulder bag 40 × 40 cm and finally the large shoulder bag, 43 × 48 cm. The bag is soft and slouchy, the clutch comes in a rectangular shape, while the large ones are more squared with rounded edges, and some can even be folded transforming themselves from a document bag to an elegant tote. Falabella features a striking chain that draws the profiles of the bag, becoming the handle, which is perhaps the most iconic detail of this model and gives the bag its appeal.

The most popular choice is certainly the Falabella fold over tote. What is the main characteristic of this must-have bag? It changes into three different models when folded on itself. It is an ideal shoulder bag, when travelling, as it can hold many items, or can be used as a handbag.

Falabella can be purchased online at www.stellamccartney.com, or at the official Stella McCartney stores in London Mayfair, London Brompton Cross, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Selfridges.

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