Have you been caught out by fake Pandora bracelets in the UK?

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Have you found it hard to differentiate between fake Pandora bracelets sold in UK outlets and the real thing? It can be very hard to tell the difference but we try to help with pointing you in the right direction when it comes to buying the genuine article.

Pandora bracelets have taken the UK by storm. Working on the principle of a charm bracelet that you can add to over the years, they take the form of a silver rope fashioned into a bracelet. Beads can be strung along the rope and added to as time goes by. The beads come in a huge range of designs and colours,meaning that they can be bought individually to mark different occasions,perhaps an anniversary or the birth of a child and that occasion will be remembered extra fondly every time the wearer looks at that bead.

Prices of the silver rope bracelet  start at £45. Beads come in a huge range of designs, some with specific charms attached such as a mortar board to celebrate a graduation, or the word MUM spelled out for Mothers Day. Beads tend to be either silver or murano glass, and retail from around £35 per bead. Silver spacer beads cost from £20. You can buy Pandora bracelets and beads at jewellery retailers such as The Jewel Hut, John Lewis, Amazon or at the Pandora website. Fake Pandora bracelets sold in UK outlets are of dubious quality and of course are not the real thing. Beware buying bracelets claiming to be by Pandora and which are not from an approved retailer.

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