Fairy fancy dress for adults: Fantasies come true

When the opportunity to attend a fancy dress party presents itself, you grab it. This exciting event gives you the chance to dress up as a fairy with sparkling sequins, ruffles and fairy wings. Luckily there are several great costume shops throughout the Internet, which makes finding a fairy fancy dress for adults pretty easy. Check out these websites to get ideas or select a costume.

Escapade Fancy Dress

There is a good chance if you are looking for a specific type of fancy dress, Escapade will have it or know where to get it. These folks are based out of Camden, London and have been supplying fancy dresses to the public for almost 30 years. They know how to satisfy customers and keep their loyalty with a long history in the costume business.

Escapade proudly offers their Price Match Guarantee assuring you of the very best possible prices. Visit their website at http://www.escapade.co.uk/ to find fancy dress shoes, hats, masks, superhero costumes and fairy tale fancy dresses.

Angels Fancy Dress

To get ready to enter the land of enchantment, you will want to peek at the wonderful fairy dresses offered by Angels Fancy Dress. Look at these two examples to get an idea of the latest trends in fairy dress and consider how you can personalise your costume.

The Fire Fairy Costume will dazzle those attending a fancy dress party when you wear a stunning black halter dress and faux lace ups in addition to the delightful fairy skirt. The basic costume hires for £38.99. Hire the Fire Fairy Wings to dramatise the effects and complete your outfit for £16.99. Additional accessories for hire include a Siren Blonde-Long Wig and Black Fishnet Tights.

Consider the Woodland Fairy costume, which includes an enchanting strapless dress designed with pretty organza material. The web price is £64.99. Giant Butterfly Wings are sold separately for £16.99 as well as the beautiful Layered Tulle Petticoat in purple for £14.99. Visit Angels Fancy Dress at http://www.fancydress.com/costumes/Fairies/2~286~120 to see all the lovely fairy fancy dresses.

Make your fantasies come true with a fairy fancy dress for adults and have a smashing good time.

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