Formichetti fails to win over the fashion pack

Nicola Formichetti showed his latest collection for Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week yesterday – his second for the label – but it sounds like the fashion pack were less than impressed with his efforts, with the Washington Post writing that the show drew a ‘tepid round of applause’.

Formichetti has developed a reputation as the stylist with the midas touch, after his work with Lady Gaga, dressing her in all number of outré ensembles for the never-ending delight of her fans and the tabloids. Sadly it seems this gift for radical re-invention hasn’t worked so well on the house of Thierry Mugler. Formichetti’s first collection for the brand last season was widely panned by the fashion press, and if reports that fashion-insiders ‘fled’ from this latest offering are true, there may be trouble ahead…

The clothes were heavily sci-fi influenced, using neutral shades of rubber and industrial-looking fabrics to create sculptural shapes – big shoulders, strange cut outs and lots of functionless bits of strappy rubber. Certainly not one for the every-woman, but there were certainly some items that might appeal to Star Trek fans or, well, Lady Gaga.

Gaga appeared at the show in video form, with a short film before the main show in which she praised Mugler whilst wearing a pair of glow-in-the-dark buck teeth (proving that she is so fashion-forward, she can even do Halloween a month before the rest of us). Critics are starting to question whether a fashion house can really survive simply by pulling Gaga out of its box of tricks repeatedly.

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