Fashion's Night Out

It’s true the recession hasn’t been too much of a barrel of laughs for retailers (or anyone for that matter) so we have to commend Vogue for bringing some light relief in the form of Fashion’s Night Out. Now a global enterprise, and enjoying its third year, FNO was the brainchild of US Vogue editor Anna Wintour (who else?) has proved such a hit that it has been exported to shopping meccas across the globe.

The idea is to get people into shops, supporting the fashion industry and generally having a good time. The best thing about it is when we say ‘supporting the fashion industry’ we basically just mean ‘buying yourself something nice to wear at the weekend’. London fashion will have its night out tonight, so shoppers across the capital can expect to enjoy extra special attention and maybe even some personal styling advice from the designers themselves.

Not only will the great and good of fashion be on the streets, music fans will be treated to in-store gigs from the likes of Metronomy at Paul Smith and Wolf Gang at Burberry, whilst Diana Vickers, Jonny Borrell and Queens of Noize will all take to the decks to spin some of their favourite tunes at stores around the city.

There’s way too much happening to talk about here, so check out Vogue’s official Fashion’s Night Out diary for full details of what’s happening where, and – most importantly – who’s wearing what.

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