Eye on the prize

Celebs are generous folk indeed; always willing to get their minions to dash off a quick picture for charity. Well, you don't mean to tell us you actually think that Kate Moss got her compass out to draw a perfect picture of the London Eye, do you? Well, provenance aside, it's your big chance to own some celebrity 'art work', as luminaries such as Jamie Winstone and Mossy have drawn interpretations of London's big wheel, and it's all for charity.

According to Vogue, 'Kate Moss, Henry Holland, Jamie Winstone and Sadie Frost have all put pen-to-paper to draw one of London's best loved attractions. Iconic London landmark The London Eye today celebrates its tenth anniversary and to mark the occasion have recruited a host of celebrities to design a bespoke range of illustrations.'

We're sure they're selling like hot cakes...

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