Express yourself: the 80's are back!

Whether we like it or not the 80's are back! Most of us might wrongly remember it as the decade of bright colours and style disasters, but the 80's were revolutionary and very creative years for the fashion industry. And also for men and women, who could finally liberate themselves from their conventional roles, and their uniforms, too: no more house-wife dresses for the ladies and no more suits for the gents.

During the 80's something unique happened, something so outrageous and transgressive to sign and define an era, the birth of the androgynous look. Hyper-masculine power suit for her, full make-up and delicate sweaters for him (remember Boy George iconic look?). Everything was exaggerate, pushed to the limit, like padded shoulders and fuchsia lip-stick.

For the first time accessories started to play an essential role: gold plated jewellery, belts, hats, chains, eye-wear. The bigger and flashier the better! Some celebrities have even redefined the meaning of fashion, like Madonna, who launched trend after trend. Streaky blonde permed hair, plastic bangles, a mishmash of bold and neon colours, animal prints, lace, tulle and leg-warmers.

Some trends of the 80s are back and to make sure you'll get it right we chose some of the most iconic look from your favourite high-street stores.

Androgynous look: a white shirt, with no buttons and few chic details, Blouse with Studded Shoulder, Zara, £29.99; a black cropped jacket, Black Boxy Unfastened Blazer, River Island, £40.00; black linear trousers, Black Slim Leg Trousers, River Island, £28.00; a touch of femininity with Black Pointed Court Shoes, River Island £50.00, monochrome make-up for the eyes and red lipstick.

Madonna look: a nice lace dress, Lace Print Tunic, Top Shop, £32.00; a black belt with a golden finish, Black Embellished, Buckle Belt, River Island, £35.00; a pair of leggings, Black Mesh Side Panel High Waisted Leggings, River Island, £20.00; red shoes, Galactic Studded Court Heels, Top Shop, £60.00; Cross Embellished Biker Jacket, £75.00; stacked up golden bangles, black leather bracelets, cross earrings, hair bands, leg-warmers and pink lipstick.

Pop look: cropped t-shirt, Grey MTV Print Tank Top, River Island, £20.00; Black Multi Coloured Foil Print Leggings, River Island, £22.00; bright coloured shoes, Lace-up with Stitching, Zara, £ 39.99; animal print jacket, Black Rib Animal Print Boyfriend Blazer, River Island, £35.00, embellished caps and oversized plastic jewellery are a must!

Check our photogallery with the most iconic 80's looks!

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