Experience luxury in winter wearing fur boots

Warm, winter fur boots are the epitome of style and functionality. Not only do these boots keep your feet toasty warm and dry from the elements, they look stylish, trendy and luxurious.

It doesn't matter if you don't want to use real fur either because there are so many faux fur styles that fit any budget and are wildlife friendly.

For instance, you can get a pair of Foot Cushion Idaho Faux Fur Trim Ankle Boots at Marshall Ward for just £25 or a pair of South Lansing Winter Fur Ankle Boots in chestnut or black for £38.

If you want fur boots that have real fur those are an option as well. Barneys New York has a pair of Fendi Winter Tale Boots made with raccoon fur for £1121 or a pair of Fiorentini  Baker Brown Multi Buckle Boots with fur trim for £ 433.

These fur boots and more can all be found online for the easiest shopping you can imagine. In fact, most online retailers allow you to exchange your item at no extra cost if it doesn't fit. However, like with any online store you should check into the return policy as well as shipping costs and general customer service rules.

So whether you want to wear real fur or wouldn't be caught dead in it and prefer faux fur, you can find the perfect winter boots at a variety of online retailers. You can even find cheaper prices and don't have to worry about fighting the crowds.

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