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Dressing for a night out in the (allegedly) crazy city of Marrakech, my holiday companion and I were a bit surprised to find not only that it was nigh impossible to find alcohol or a busy bar during this particular time of year but also insulting to Moroccans who were in the middle of Ramadan.

On holiday for a week to chill out after an excess of champagne during fashion week, we were somewhat relieved to learn that all the places we had read about, including hotspot Nikki Beach (of famed St. Tropez origin) was closed for the duration of our stay. The usually busy streets were deserted at night and only a handful of tourists had chosen to time their holiday during this religious month, which meant that we had a chance to experience Marrakech from an entirely different perspective.

Asking locals about Ramadan we found out that only the first day is difficult (from a very stoic waitress), the people listen for a call from the mosques during the day to know when to pray and that they aren't even allowed to swallow their own saliva during daylight hours. At the Medina in the Old Town, the most holy part of the city, the rules are the strictest . This didn't, however, stop the atmosphere in the souks being jovial, with street after street of shops and stalls selling everything from clothes and carpets to antiques.

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