Exciting new website alert

If you’re the kind of person who likes your trends hot off the catwalk, and your designers home-grown, you should check out brand new website www.youngbritishdesigners.com

Described by Grazia as ‘the latest, greatest website for new design talent’, the site sells edited collections from 36 young British designers, often in limited-runs. The project’s organisers say that the site aims to 'create the first dedicated retail environment purely focusing upon young talent working in this country’. The idea is that by showcasing the brightest new talents from London Fashion Week, the site will help to further careers and strengthen London’s position as a key producer of exciting, risk-taking new trends.

Just a quick browse through the site had us salivating. Take a look through and pick out your favourites – investing in new talent now could be a very sound business move. Many of the items on sale are likely to become future collectibles, so that automatically removes any spending-guilt.

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