Okay, we'll admit it; we're suckers for every beauty treatment going. As long as doesn't involve scalpels and collagen, we're interested. And the latest fancy face-improver certainly has the critics raving, the only problem is, it involves um, sheeps placenta. Yep, it's a long way from soothing honey masks, and cucumber eye-patches. Those were innocent days.

According to The Daily Mail, 'Actistem works by stimulating your own collagen production from within by infusing your skin with a particular protein contained in the placenta. They are packed with stem cells, which replenish and rebuild other cells, and fibroblasts which build up collagen and elastin to make the skin firmer.'

The 'Actistem' treatment costs £600, and the effects of the 30 minute procedure apparently last up to five months. Better than slathering ricotta over your face, but a little more expensive...

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