A guide to ethical fashion

Most of us enjoy dressing stylishly but ethical fashion is often less of a consideration. But as issues such as concerns about the environment gain prominence, ethical clothing and beauty products are becoming an increasingly bigger popular alternative. Specialised boutiques are offering a whole range of fashionable clothes that are ethical and eco-friendly.

Ethical fashion: what you should know

Perhaps wearing ethical fashion is something that’s never crossed your mind. But there are good reasons for making this choice in your clothing. Firstly, ethical clothes are manufactured from sustainable materials, or fabrics that are organic and naturally produced, rather than factory made with some process involving potentially environmentally harmful chemicals. Source material is often recycled.

The upshot of this is that ethical fashion will produce quality gear to a far greater extent than mass-produced garments. Naturally occurring materials are, by their very nature, built to last. Synthetic fabrics can often be uncomfortable, while ethical pieces can be perfect for lounging around in. All of this means ethical fashion is the ultimate in environmentally-friendly dress. As well as looking good, you can be satisfied you are also helping to keep the planet a healthy place for future generations!

Aside from ethics, the other main consideration about adopting this fashion sense is the originality of ethical wear. Many high street fashion ranges begin as items running off conveyor belts in factories, often in countries which have less stringent controls on their worker environments. Ethical fashion is therefore the antithesis of mass production, guaranteeing the sole focus in on creating strikingly individual looks.

Typical ethical fashions

If the thought of ethical fashion conjures images of rather ugly garments, think again. Cupro is one material that creates perfect slinky party dresses. This silk like material produces a soft fabric that clings to figures, ensuring you not only look good, you’ll also look original. And you’ll be helping the environment!

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