Where to buy espadrilles for spring and summer

Espadrilles are pleasant footwear letting your feet breath. They come in stylish designs and vibrant colours ideal for the summer months. Typically originating from the Pyrenees Mountains, the use of espadrilles has shifted from peasant footwear to modern shoes worn during warmer months of the year. We take a look at some places where you can get fashionable pairs.

Where to go

Fortunately, espadrilles are not hard to find. You’ll get them in most brick and mortar shops such as New Look, Top Shop, Asos as well as high street stores. Depending on the styles and materials used, you can buy them at different price ranges. Online shops also offer them and there are retailers that are only dealing with these fun shoes.

  • Espadrille SETC

Take Espadrille SETC (espadrillesetc.com) which sells beautiful pairs in different styles from wedges to flats. Sourced from suppliers in France and Spain, these espadrilles come in colourful designs and fabrics. There's even a pair of stylish espadrille boots featuring suede leather, wedge and roped heels.

  • Schuh

Another online shop offering exciting espadrilles is Schuh (schuh.co.uk). Relish its various offerings from stylish military-inspired espadrilles to classic flats. A selection of shoes is available to suit a variety of tastes. Stripes, flower prints, geometric designs and uni-colours are also offered.

  • Espadrille Store

Don't miss the Espadrille Store (espadrillestore.eu) where you can feast your eyes on handmade and authentic pairs. Watch videos of villagers still carrying on the tradition of shoemaking and of course, grab a couple of artisanal espadrilles.

  • Kurt Geiger

There’s also a whole selection of espadrilles at Kurt Geiger (kurtgeiger.co.uk) where you can choose the pair that suits your fancy. Wedges, strappy espadrilles, flats, and platforms will regale the fashionable woman.

  • Other online shops

Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay offer a reasonable selection of espadrilles each pair guaranteed to please its wearer.

Not made for roughing

Espadrilles are definitely great for warmer days since they are made from breathable fabrics. Easy to slip on and off, they’re ideal for the beach and short walks. Just bear in mind these shoes are not meant for long walks as there is no support for the heels and feet. If you can, go for pairs with reinforced stitching, double jute layers and sturdy rubber soles. Hand stitched espadrilles are also more robust at an extra cost.

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