Erin O'Connor, beauty with a vision

Since retiring from the catwalk, Irish supermodel Erin O'Connor has undertaken various projects aiming both at improving working conditions for fellow models and raising awareness about beauty and diversity. Currently part of the panel of judges on the British version of TV show The Face, Erin has emerged, so far, as the most motherly figure of the trio of supermodels looking for the most promising new talents.

The strenght and the beauty

Erin O'Connor seems to be the most conscious judge on The Face. Co-stars Naomi Campbell and Caroline Winberg have a much more matter-of-factly attitude towards the whole thing, while Erin comes across as that bit more serious, due to her high awareness of competitors' sensitiveness and an overall protective, motherly attitude.

Erin has her own ideas about the fashion world, and what it means to work as a model. As a teenager, beautiful, lean, tall and extremely sensitive, Erin abandoned a shoot because she didn't feel at ease, her body being discussed audibly while she had asked for some privacy. Feeling her boundaries disrespected meant more than the job for her, and if she did loose that one shoot in particular, her attitude and self-respect have, on the other hand, been the basis fo truly fantastic career.

The muse of controversial genius Alexander McQueen, Erin grew up working side by side with his amazing talent and personality, modelling on all of his sensational shows. She was at times a Pierrot, a Jean of Arc, a bird trapped in a cage, always a revolutionary kind of counter-beauty. And in real life, as well, she revealed herself to be something slightly different from the average supermodel.

Her key to success

One example for all: as a child, Erin O'Connor often dreamt of having a nose job done. However, as an adult working in fashion, she refused to do so. Strong headed Erin was asked many times to undertake a rhinoplasty that would equip her with a prettier, more conventional nose, only to turn it down every time.

She has famously admitted that in order to have a successful, lasting career in this industry one needs more than just beauty or prettiness, and that real character and a strong sense of self are the real key to success in the fashion world.

Model Info and Measurements

  • Born: 9 February 1978 in Brownhills, England
  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in).
  • Hair colour: Dark brown.
  • Eye colour: Hazel.
  • Measurements: (US) 34-25-35; (EU) 86.5-63.5-89.
  • Dress size: (US) 4; (EU) 34; (UK) 8.

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