What to expect from the equestrian trend

Finally, the fashion industry understands the need for functionality, comfort and style. When you get a chance to check out the equestrian trend on the catwalk, you are sure to be delighted with the bright colours and boots that make such a statement for the equestrian look. Discover equestrian fashions and the latest equestrian trend on the catwalks.

Fashion choices

Have no fear; things are looking brighter for the equestrian trend. You will be seeing less dark coloured Jodhpurs and riding breeches on the catwalk replaced by exciting colours. For so long most of the models were restricted to dark, boring colours. The models look great in brightly coloured jodhpurs, which not only look cute, but help to show off the figure as well.

Boots are in

One thing you will notice about the runway models are the fantastic boots. Tall, thin models are strutting their stuff down the catwalk with their heads held high as they show off great looking knee-high boots with chunky heels. Designers are really capitalising on a variety of showy boots that work for almost any occasion including horseback riding and working around the stable.


You can extend your wardrobe even further by following the lead of the models on the catwalk with accessories. Accessorizing changes the look into a new fashion statement fast and inexpensively. Leather gloves are in and so are big and bold western belts.

Top choices

Designers are encouraging solid coloured blazers, ruffled blouses, Jodhpurs and checked blazers with elbow patches. These darling ideas are presented by famous designers including Gucci, Ralph Lauren Blue Label and Ermanno Scervino.

Mixing and matching

These days everyone seems to be on a tight budget, but that does not mean your wardrobe has to suffer. You can get the equestrian trend in your own wardrobe just like the models on the catwalk with a bit of cleaver planning.

Pick up a couple of brightly coloured blouses and match them with attractive Jodhpurs and high-quality knee-high boots for a great new look.

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