Equestrian chic is a timeless fashion trend

Equestrian chic is fashionable and very British. The style is inspired by outfits of horseback riders such as riding boots, wellies, snoods, tailored jackets, blazers, and jodhpurs. It is elegant and sophisticated enduring fashion changes. This fall and winter, equestrian chic is a prominent style flaunted by top designers on the runway.

Equestrian chic for all seasons

  • Fashion influences from the biggest names

Equestrian fashion is synonymous with horses, competitions, stables, and best of all, being outdoors and the great countryside.This year’s fashion shows cement the fact that equestrian chic is very much in. Take the gorgeous riding boots shown off by Hermes, Burberry, and Chloe. If you’re going for equestrian chic fashion, a striking pair of riding boots clearly makes the difference.

  • How to dress equestrian chic

1. Let us start with the inner wear. A white ruffled or buttoned down shirt will look smashing with its feminine lines. We suggest the Woven Meesha Shirt from Ralph Lauren of cotton poplin.

2. Jodhpurs or leggings are, of course, essential to complement the overall outfit and give it a snappy look. But, wearing a Brit Skinny or Slim Fit Denim from Burberry is all right, too and will make a great contrast.

3. An alternative to tailored jackets is a chunky sweater when you're off the tracks or for a casual day in the countryside.

4. For formal evenings, get equestrian chic in a plaid or tailored jacket. Burberry has an elegant jacket in wool that’s sure to keep you warm.

5. What’s equestrian chic without the headgear? While you don’t necessarily have to wear one and make it look like you’re going to a horse show or a riding competition, there are stylish riding caps from Ralph Lauren.

6. Wellies are also great for going through daily chores in the stables or simply giving that impression.

7. Herve Leger simulated the bridle and harness in their belts, nipping waists and altogether giving that chic and sinewy figure.

8. Lastly, the key to an equestrian style is a pair of riding boots that reaches up to the knees. In fact, you can improvise on other stuff, but you can't miss the quintessential riding boots in leather.

Embracing equestrian chic

Whatever the season, equestrian chic is timeless, classic and deliciously elegant. From the likes of runway moguls such as Hermes and Ralph Lauren to Tommy Hilfiger and Chloe, equestrian chic is a strong fashion style that will not likely become passé. The only question remains, are you willing to follow the trend and embrace the style?

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