Look classy: follow the English countryside trend

While a lot of contemporary fashion is fixated with ‘urban’ or ‘street’ styles, reflecting the urban hustle and bustle, there is something reassuringly individual about the English countryside trend. This is increasingly being adopted by many designers to convey an image of rural sophistication, adopting colours that reflect nature’s calm, and occasionally wild streak.

English countryside trend developments

There isn’t really anything that new about the English countryside trend in clothing, but what is particularly notable about recent examples is the degree of imagination and sheer verve going into designs. Amongst the range of products being produced by various designers are cosy knits, trousers inspired by equestrian events and that perennial catwalk favourite, plaid. As the nights draw in, countryside fashions are ideally suited for the change in climate.

Wool designs

With summer sunshine fading into autumn bluster, there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in luxurious folds of wool. Designers are coming out with a host of functional attire that will banish the winter blues. Kenzo, Wunderkind and Missoni have all introduced heavy wool blankets that can be elegantly draped around shoulders.

Another option is tiered or hooded capes. Layers of heavy knits certainly have a rustic air about them. They look great – good enough to keep any rambler insulated from the elements while exploring the countryside, but completely colourful (and far too stylish) to be treated as casual wear.

Brands as sophisticated as Prada and Etro have produced sleek outfits that incorporate countryside colour schemes, in fetching shades of autumnal gold or grey. The latest plaid skirts are anything but plain. Tommy Hilfiger offer layered dresses in light fabric that swishes in the breeze.

Countryside trend: getting equestrian

The equestrian look doesn’t have to be restricted to show jumping. Jodhpur-style trousers are appearing on the runways, matched with elegant knee-length boots, corduroy jackets and earthy, autumnal colours. The clothing is all traditionally tailored and made to last.

The long term prospects for countryside trends

What makes the English countryside trend such a popular fashion concept is the very inspiration behind it. In most of Britain, the country is on our doorstep. We are drawn to the outdoors, offering as they do as sense of freedom and escape. This free spirit is perfectly encapsulated in countryside clothing.

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