Looking for England ladies rugby shirts?

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It is now only a matter of weeks until the 2011 Rugby kicks off in New Zealand. With the promise of it being a nail biting tournament with some smashing games, it is high time to invest in  new England ladies rugby shirts yourself if you haven’t done so already.

There is a vast array of different tops: training tops, replica squad tops and fashion items for men, women and children, and even babygros for the very youngest supporters. Sponsored by Nike and O2, the tops are stylish and great quality whether you want to wear it for sport or as a leisure item.

The England Rugby Football Union website and shop are a great place to start as they stock a wide range of quality items including England ladies rugby shirts. Replica home shirts start at £41.99 and away shirts at £49.99. If you visit the shop at the Twickenham stadium you will find a good range of sizes and styles otherwise take a look at the website. The England ladies rugby shirts are of a great quality heavy cotton, and made in a fitted style so as to be more flattering than just being swamped by a typical men's shirt.

Alternatively you could take a look at online shops such as Nike, Amazon and KitBag amongst others. Typically prices start at £50 for the England ladies rugby home shirt plus postage and packing and £88 for a replica away shirt. Supporters’ polo shirts start at £25 for both men and women.

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