About England football cross bikinis

The England football cross bikinis come in a number of styles and allow for a little variety, if you plan on going to a number of games in a big tournament.

St George's Cross Bikini

The St George's cross bikini is the archetype England football cross bikini. It sees each of the breast pieces have a red cross on a white background - the St George's flag - and the front panel of the bikini bottoms is another red cross too.


If you want to stand out from the crowd, try getting a bikini with the England football team logo on. These two-piece bikinis come in red, white or blue. Each piece of the bikini with have the England logo embezzled on the material.


The cost of these bikinis is actually very reasonable. An England football cross bikini can set you back £16 online while the red, white or blue ones with England logo can be had for as less as £7 on eBay.

Get Attention

Male dominated realm of football, if you turn up to an England football game in one of these bikinis then you are guaranteed to get the attention not only of those around you but also of the TV cameramen.

Beach And Pool

Of course, why not wear your national pride on the beach or beside the pool also!

Other Countries

National flag bikinis are obviously available for a number of other countries too. Th most popular ones are football games though are without-a-doubt, Sweden and Brazil. These bikinis are available at the same online outlets.





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