Buy EMU shoes online today

EMU is brand born from Australia that represents everything Australian. They make shoes from premium sheepskin and merino wool and have been producing high quality, designer shoes for over 15 years.

Log onto EMU Australia now and you could purchase a pair of platinum stinger boots. These designer boots are made in the classic EMU style and not only look great but they will keep your feet extra warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The stinger boot is available in three different heights and a choice of colours so you can buy one pair to match every outfit. These great shoes are available to purchase from as little as £145.00 and are available for both men and women, so log online now and buy your next pair!

If you want your family to match why not grab your children a pair of little creatures boots for girls and boys which are available from £80.00. These great boots come in pink for your little girl and dark brown for the boys. These boots look fabulous and they are extremely snugly keeping your little ones toes extra warm! If you click onto shoe envy you could purchase a pair of EMU shoes from their huge range, all available at great prices!

Why not buy a pair of EMU Darlington boots from £138.99 which is a massive saving of £21.01 from their normal price of £160.00. These great boots are so on trend but, at the same time they offer practicality from being water resistant, durable and extremely comfortable! Go online now and Buy EMU shoes – you will never look back!

EMU shoes offer great value for money and a quality that will stand the test of time. If you want to look great in a designer pair of shoes that include all the technology you could require for today’s climate then buy EMU shoes now!!

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