Emporio Armani, spring summer 2010

The Emporio Arman spring/summer 2010 show at Milan Fashion Week did laid back, tailored chic to an ultra chilled urban soundtrack.

Like the Giorgio Armani show before it, aladdin slouch pants teamed with teeny tiny strong shouldered suit jackets were everywhere, as were stretch wasitbands and extreme plunge neck shirts. Models strolled seductively down the runway in lightweight ballerinas with minimal - or no accessories - weighing them down. In some cases, a simple clutch, was all that added to the outfit. The emphasis was on the clothes.

More complicated designs included a luscious chocolate silk evening top, cut asymmetrically and teamed with a stunning black necklace and floaty chocolate aladins. Silver shirts with tiny square pannelling were big business, and a blue extreme plunge silk shirt, with matching rose broach was divine. A plum chiffon dress with wide fuschia straps and matching maxibelt gained applause, while a swathe of single button block coloured mini-jackets lent a sixties-chic feel to the show. Smouldering make-up completed the look.

The slouch, comfort-meets-chic trousers rocking the Armani runway this year are bound to be huger than leggings. Get. Some. Now. Check out the show below.

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