Elle Macpherson Intimates: Collection 2013

Former supermodel Elle Macpherson has released a new lingerie collection that’s going to send your pulses racing with feminine and sexy pieces getting you in the mood and swing of things. Started in 1990 as a business venture in partnership with Bendon Limited Apparel, the collection is a resounding success making it one of the best-selling lingerie in the world.

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The collection

Elle Macpherson Intimates collection for January-June 2013 is a delightful range of underwear, inner garments and night wear inspired from the lovely colours of Tahiti and Gauguin’s Fauvism paintings.

Overall, the range of intimate underwear is a combination of sultry and sophisticated looks with delicious lace embellishments and soft stretch fabrics. Elle Macpherson Intimates Collection draws its inspiration from the colours of Gauguin and paradise Tahiti. Enchanting sets of intimate lingerie are presented in exciting colours, styles, designs and fabrics.

  • Every day is a special occasion

Take the French Flavour set in Burberry Red which includes underwire or contour bra, midi brief or thong. Exotic Plume in Tahitian pink/jet features the classic Balconnet contour or underwire bra, midi briefs and thongs.

  • Evenings are special, too

For sultry nights, you will be delighted with the Evening Luau featuring a contour bra made from stretch satin, a revealing bikini or a daring thong. Then there’s the alluring Bohemian Nights ensemble in Stucco Brown. You can choose from a plunge boost bra, midi briefs and sexy thongs.

  • Nightwear for lounging

There’s also a fabulous collection of nightwear including soft and silky chemise, camisoles, lounge pants, robes, French knicker and wrap dress robe in Burberry Red, Jet black, Tahitian pink or silver/hot pink. We especially love The Impressionist with its Estate Blue Water Lily colour and print.

  • Maternity underwear for nursing mothers

Nursing mothers are not forgotten for the range of EM Intimates includes a maternity line. Take your pick from Cloudswing or Momma in exciting colours. The ensemble includes a nursing bra and short knickers so mothers never feel unattractive with such a delightful collection of lingerie.

Where to get the collection

If you would like to try this enchanting collection of Elle Macpherson Intimates you can get them at Asos, House of Fraser, Pret-a-Porter, John Lewis, Harrods, Liberty, Selfridges, Simply Beach, The Editor, Fig Leaves, and Zodee UK. You can also browse at auction or online sites such as Ebay or Amazon. One thing is sure, we can’t wait to get our hands on these lovely and sexy underwear apparel.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Elle Macpherson Photo Gallery

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