eBay goes high fashion

Fashion loves a new idea or two, particularly when it brings in the money. Earlier this year Burberry announced that it would be letting shoppers select clothes direct from its catwalk via a special iPad app, and today Vogue reports that American designer Derek Lam has come up with an exciting new plan for his next collection. Lam will be showing his autumn/winter 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week next February – so far, so normal – but the catch is that he has teamed up with auction site eBay to let members of the public vote to select the garments that will be put into production.

Lam talked about his exciting new plans with WWD, saying: ‘eBay's technology offers me a unique and innovative opportunity to reach new and existing customers directly, and to create fashion they desire.’ The initiative effectively cuts out the role of the fashion buyer from the decision-making process, giving control directly to the consumer.

It could mean a whole new wave of labels coming up with alternative ways to access their buying-public. Could catwalks soon be replaced with X Factor style arena stages and braying fashionistas hollering for their favourite items? Probably not, but we do like the idea of Anna Wintour in the Simon Cowell seat. Can someone make it happen please?

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