Necklaces and Earings: Classic Pearl Jewellery, Watches Offer a New Twist

Pearl beads add classic charm to accessories. Pearl necklaces are a symbol of sophistication and wealth; Pearl earings dangle from the ears of their wearers', capturing light and drawing attention to faces. But, why limit this shimmery, naturally formed bead to specific styles of necklaces and earings? Pearls can be incorporated in fresh necklace and earing styles and included in watches and other accessories. Pearls incorporated in less traditional styles of jewellery add charm and contribute to unique pieces.

Traditional pearl looks, including necklaces composed of strands of pearls of similar size and shape and earings featuring single pearls are lovely. However, jewellery items that make use of pearls but depart from these traditional forms bring a fresh new appeal to pearl jewellery.

Jewellery designers are creating new styles with pearls that are wearable and exciting. Women should no longer think of pearl jewellery as items that are best admired decorating June Cleavers’ neck in "Leave it to Beaver" or in the ear of a peasant in the "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Multiple pearls in earings, single pearls on necklaces, colourful combinations of pink and lavender pearls, and pearls in watches are all unexpected twists on traditional pearl jewellery that are infinitely wearable for today's women.Watches are probably the most eye-catching new way to wear pearls. Pearls have been worn on necks and ears for ages, but strapping pearls around wrists draws new attention to these classic beads. Watches are useful and this usefulness creates a contrast with the purely decorative quality of pearls.

Women are adding these new pearl jewellery styles to their collections and wearing them in addition to their old pearl jewellery. Classic pearl necklaces or earings compliment new pearl jewellery styles, including watches with beads and necklaces with single beads or long lengths.

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