DVF gets busy with the wallpaper paste

It's one of the most glamorous and decadent spots in the world, the only hotel that would make us seriously consider a spot of light thievery or full scale armed robbery to afford a night there. We joke of course! But now our desire to sleep at Claridges has reached undreamt of new heights, after we heard that none other than Diane Von Furstenberg - she of the wrap around dresses that have plagued the high street for the last decade - has designed a series of rooms and suites, to be unveiled in June.

DVF told Grazia 'One of my fondest memories was when I was in London as a young, independent businesswoman and stayed at Claridge’s. I knew I had made it. To me, Claridge’s is the most glamourous hotel in the world; I regard it as my home away from home'

Yes, don't we all, love. Now where's that balaclava and swag bag?

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