Dunnas Beachwear arrives in Europe

Dunnas is a Brazilian beachwear brand that was founded by a young couple in Rio De Janeiro. Like its Brazilian beachwear predecessors, the brand has grown popular among fashion enthusiasts around the world for its high quality designs tinged with a coveted Brazilian beachwear lifestyle allure. Dunnas prides in its handmade swimsuits that are made of impressive soft certified Lycra ®. Dunnas collections adopt a Mix & Match system that allows every woman to customise her costume to her personal style and liking.

In January 2004, the brand launched in the USA in a grand ceremony that was held at the ASR show in San Diego, California. Since spreading its wings to the US market, the brand has rapidly expanded and grown into one of the top high fashion beachwear brands in the world. Its rapid grown can be attributed to its unique style, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Now the long-awaited Dunnas Beachwear arrives in Europe just in time for the summer holidays.

2012 Dunnas in Europe

This year Dunnas products finally arrive in Italy from where they will be distributed and sold mainly to Western Europe. An exclusive collection to celebrate the entry of the Brazilian beachwear brand in the European market has been created featuring the same high quality sensual designs that have previously been highly appreciated in Europe. Fashion enthusiasts can expect to see the high demand Brazilian beachwear lifestyle allure integrated in the European market with more competitive prices.

Awe everyone in a Dunnas swimsuit this summer

Given the exquisite creativity, craftsmanship and experience Dunnas brings into the European market, you can expect only top quality swimwear from the brand that will guarantee you will awe everyone when you spot your Dunnas swimsuit in public. Best of all, you likely won’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on Dunnas high fashion swimwear.

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