Dunga - yes please

The last time you sported dungarees may well have been as a toddler, but don't let that put you off; according to Vogue, the utilitarian garment is making a come back this season.

Banish all thoughts of teaming with pig tails and muddy knees, and instead reach for sheer and light fabrics such as voile and chiffon, or pair with high heels for a more elegant look. If you're feeling brave, channel your inner Gaultier and sport with the Gallic couturier's conical bra top. Perhaps not an ideal look for a job interview.

As Vogue advises, 'if you want to go the whole bucolic nine yards - there are hobnail style boots at ASOS and lumberjack shirts aplenty - then the only added extra is a stalk of wheatgrass to chew on between in the rolling in the hay'. You have been warned...

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