Dry clothes indoors without a dryer

If you don't have a drier, or just don't want to use it for economical or ecological reasons, then you may want to find out about the best ways to dry clothes indoors without a dryer.

    Peter Marquardt @Flickr

Line dry clothing indoors during the cold wet season will cut down a lot on electricity but need to be done properly in order for your clothes to really dry! We found out about some quick and easy tricks to dry clothes indoors without a drier.

First, the high spin. At the end of the selected wash cycle, give the wash load and extra spin: this will remove much more water from your clothes before they're even out of the washing machine! Yes there is an extra use of electricity but it really is a small amount when compared with the energy you will save by not running the drier.

There are also two other way to remove excessive moisture from the clothes before you hang them to dry on an airer or clothes horse:

Lay down a large soft towel and place the clothes that have just come out of the spin. Roll up the towel, with the clothes inside, and start twisting it tightly. Keep twisting it all the way, starting from one end and finishing at the other. This will allow the towel to absorb moisture from the garments.

Untwist the towel and remove all the clothes. Lay part of the clothes flat on the ironing board and place a thin towel on top of them. Using the iron on a high heat press the towel down well, ironing all over once, then turning the clothes over, cover them again with the towel and press down with the iron as above. Repeat with the rest of the clothes.

These simple trick will remove excess moisture from your clean clothes, all you have to do now is place them on an airer, nicely spaced, possibly close to a source of heat.

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