Drowning in a Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge is a girl who loves her shoes. At 17 she is fast becoming a fashion icon on the World Wide Web, with her shoe blog reaching up to two thousand hits per day.

Check out pics of Jane's fabulous footwear ocean.

Her blog, Sea of Shoes, was featured in Teen Vogue, where Aldridge pointed out the importance of good shoes:

"I don't consider my look trendy, sometimes I get self-conscious that I dress like a grandma. I'm constantly picking up these big fuzzy cardigans and wearing them with baggy jeans and thick glasses. I figure it's okay to look a bit dorky as long as you have on excellent shoes!"

Aldridge, an aspiring stylist from Dallas USA, lists Chanel, Givenchy, and Martin Margiela as some of her favourite designers. From the looks of her blog, mum is a pretty big inspiration, too.

Check out her blog for the latest in shoe news from around the globe. Her photos are pretty good, too.

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