Unique dress up costumes

Are you sick of looking like everyone else at fancy dress parties? Want unique dress up costumes that will turn heads for all the right reasons? What you need is some original ideas! We take a look at this year's best fancy dress costumes...

Shakespearean: Come over all cultured by dressing up as Othello, Juliet, Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet or Puck. These amazing costumes are incredible value considering the high quality. And there are literally hundreds of characters to choose from...

Werewolf: Vampires are passe! A good werewolf costume can look incredible on a man or a woman. The best, and most realistic, dress up costumes are often home made. Just leave yourself plenty of time to get ready - this costume takes work.

Group costumes: Coordinate your mates and dress in a group. You might be the seven dwarfs, the A Team, power rangers, KISS or the Spice Girls. It's a lot more fun than going solo!

Witch: It might sound unoriginal, but the witch really is a classic choice for Halloween. Don't just settle for a cheap pointed hat and cape - put some effort in and be the best witch at the party. Think long, dirty nails, straggling black/grey hair, a fake nose, fake warts - the lot!

Historical figure: As with the Shakespearean theme, there's a strong trend towards 'smart' costumes this year. Dress up as an iconic figure from history and see who can guess what you are! This is a great coversation starter that is sure to get people taling.


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