Dress like Claudia

Ever wanted to look like Claudia Schiffer? Stupid question? Well now, folks, we’ll all have the chance to copy Claudia’s understated style as she is bringing out a cashmere collection for autumn/winter 2011, says Vogue.com.

Claudia has teamed up with German knitwear brand Iris Von Arnim to create a capsule collection which will reflect her personal ethos and style. She tells Vogue: ‘I have been looking for the right partnership for a very long time and I feel very lucky to have found it with IvA. We have the same inherent values and I was delighted to find a company that was able to interpret my vision.’

And in a nice big fashion love-in sort of way, von Arnim has responded with equally gushing praise: ‘Claudia is a global fashion icon, a woman with impeccable taste who has a strong vision and knows exactly what she wants for her line. We are thrilled to be working together and very much looking forward to the future.

Cue the wedding music…

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