Dress in style with Tresspass Zima black size 6 snow boots

The gals at the office will surely take notice when you appear in Tresspass Zima black boots. These boots not only look great, but feel so comfortable, you can easily wear them all day. Zima features include a stylish full lace-up in the front and are easily removed using the handy zipper feature on the side. Enjoy thick insulated padding inside with beautiful faux fur trim. Anti-slip grip soles constructed of durable rubber make negotiating city streets of ice and snow easy.


ChelstonDirect offers free shipping with purchases over £100 and has a great no fuss return policy. Purchases are accepted by PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Maestro with delivery in as little as two to four business days. Save 38% on Ladies Trespass Zima Snow Boots in either white, black or brown at just £24.99.

Camping World

Camping World offers Trespass Zima Snow Boots size 6 in black for £39.99. Free shipping on purchases of over £250 and they offer a no hassle return policy. Order new Trespass Zima Snow Boots knowing that Camping World ships to over 80 countries around the world. Snow boots come in white, black and brown in sizes of 4-8 and ship in about 10 or 20 days. Visit their site at http://www.campingworld.co.uk/Models.aspx?ModelID=3844.


Trespass offers women's footwear online and carries the Zima brand starting from €47.92. Shop for Tresspass Zima black size 6 snow boots at http://www.trespass.co.uk/product/footwear-5/womens-footwear-14/womens-snow-boots-263/zima-womens-snow-boots-FAFOBOE20009 using Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.

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