Keep the kids warm in a down jacket

From Bonfire night pretty much all the way to Easter, UK kids will want to wrap up warm in the outdoors. A padded down jacket is an ideal outer layer, providing comfort and insulation. If you look around online you can find some tempting deals.

Mountain Warehouse (mountainwarehouse.com) updates its stock and lines very regularly, which means there are often some great deals on clearance bargains. A Khuno Kids Padded Jacket is a good example. This excellent winter warmer is water resistant, insulated, with a detachable fleece hood and 2 front pockets. It's marked down to £14.99 from an original £39.99.

Janes' Tote (jtote.com) offers the Columbia Dash Point down jacket, for older kids with a keen eye for style. There is a super-soft down lining and asymmetrical chevron pattern fabric. It's £83.92 with free UK delivery.

Hackett (hackett.com) has a kids down-filled jacket with a stand collar and 2 zip pockets. They come in a choice of navy or chocolate, in a variety of sizes at £77, marked down from £110.

For label-conscious kids (or their doting mums) Amazon (amazon.co.uk) has an offer on a Dolce & Gabbana goose down jacket in the Italian luxury design DG Junior Collection. Jackets have a front zipper with secured wind flap and press buttons. The hood has a fur trim and the fabric is durable but soft for comfort and lasting quality. These are marked down from £286.95 to £85.95, a bargain if you want to impress in the school playground.

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