Donna Karan Spring/ summer 2010

'The power of the elements, the emotion and freedom of nature and the sophistication of citylife,' these were the inspirations behind the new Spring/Summer collection 2010 by Donna Karan. Neutral colours with sprays of pale pink gave a delicate and romantic touch to this oh so feminine collection.

Karan's designs oooze sensuality, while playing with fabrics and draping. Dresses wrap the entire body in tissues of pure silk or chiffon, so soft and sensual they had us thinking of very expensive underwear....More low-key cuts included double layered cigarette style skirt-suits, and for the evening, long draping goddess dresses with the merest hint of a train. Accessories included weaved white bracelets/ chains, and oh so of the moment hats by Stephen Jones.

Take a look below.

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