Donna Karan in London to talk fashion, art and Urban Zen

Donna Karan had a couple of very busy days in London last week, launching her new boutique, meeting up with her customers and friends and also promoting her new book Connecting the Dots. She also had the chance to release a few interviews talking about her late husband, Stephan Weiss, and his artwork and also raising awareness of her charity.

Donna was at Harvey Nichols on Tuesday to inaugurate her new boutique, which sits on the first floor of the store. She also attended the interactive trunk show co-hosted by Paula Reed, Harvey Nichols' fashion director and Grazia's style director, answering questions and chatting away with her dedicated customers, which included Victoria Pendleton and Yasmin Le Bon.

The conversation focused on topics very close to Donna's heart, such as the situation in Haiti, after the hurricane, which also hit and affected New York City, and the way we are all connected to each others. Her new book Connecting the Dots talks about this philosophy, embraced by her late husband, a sort of urban Zen, which explains through words and visual art how mind, body and spirit are connected with the outside world.

In-line with this philosophy, Donna Karan's has started a non-profit foundation called Urban Zen, aimed at improving society and health-care system, with a different approach, based on a fusion of western and eastern culture, holistic care and alternative thinking.

Donna went also to her newly refurbished store on Bond street to raise money for her Hope, Help & Rebuild Haiti initiative and to talk about fashion, obviously, and art. Guests, including Francesca Versace, participated in decorating papier-mache hearts in order to aid the charity.

Donna also had the chance to talk about London and the way she launched her stores here, before New York. She also talked about the first time she visited the city in the late 60s, and her love for flea markets and the punk generation, which followed. Something that is fading away, according to the designer, who thinks that our Capital is becoming too much like New York. Thre should be less globalisation and more individuality, which would help the city reconquer its uniqueness.

Donna Karan is planning to open an Urban Zen Foundation in London as well. We can't wait to see her here again, very soon.

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