Dolce & Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2014 childrenswear ad campaign

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We’ve already seen Dolce & Gabbana Spring and Summer 2014 for womenswear, starring Eva Herzigova and Bianca Balti, but the kidswear campaign is even more a family affair, where the coziness of the parents’ bedroom becomes the center of a jubilant family portrait.

Models Balti and Tony Ward are actually parents and they were probably feeling right at home amongst a half a dozen wonderfully dressed children and their toys.

The kidswear compaign, just like the womenswear and menswear ad campaigns was personally shot by Domenico Dolce – who made his debut as photographer in 2012, with Campioni, a book of portraits of Italian football stars.

The Italian fashion house debuted its first ever kidswear collection for the autumn/winter 2012 season - following in the footsteps of other luxury labels including Gucci, Lanvin, Diane von Furstenberg, and Versace.

The Spring and Summer 2014 childrenswear collection also pays homage to Italy, and to Dolce’s Sicilian roots and traditions, with minute attention to style and details, and numerous elements taken from the adult collections.

Dolce & Gabbana’s 2014 collection for little girls features elaborate and highly colorful prints with a strong presence of Sicilian cart wheels and beautiful flowers on skirts, dresses, shorts and even on straw handbags.

Straight from the adults Spring and Summer 2014 collection, you'll find the same type of prints of temples and amphitheaters, almond blossoms, and exquisite mosaics on the mini me clothing, and they’ve put glamorous gold colored fabrics to work on exquisite lace dresses that would be fit for any self-respecting princess that is growing up to be a fashionista.

Dolce & Gabbana opened its new children's boutique on Sloane Street just last December, which already plays host to D&G’s standalone men’s and women’s wear boutiques.

The children’s section features vintage furniture and toys, and it's the brand's first kids-only store in the capital.

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