Dolce & Gabbana fun video: male models teach Italian in gestures

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Dolce & Gabbana released an ironic video that pokes fun at use Italian make fun signing and body gestures. Starring the two designers' fun tutorial are, amongst other models, Noah Mills and Diego Fragoso.

The video will make the basic of Italian gestures accessible to every non-Italian. The models starring the Italian fashion house's tutorial use their great personalities to interpret the basic must-know gestures to the tune of Funiculì Funiculà.

A real public service that foreigners should accept with joy and gratitude, and, if they are planning a trip in the beautiful country, put into practice immediately. But first things first, so let's see what are the typical Italian gestures seen in the tutorial, and what is their meaning:

WTF: When someone says something that doesn't make sense (see also: What are you saying?).

NOTHING: When there's nothing to do about a situation or something is over (see also: there's no extra fat).

THEY ARE TOGETHER?: When you gossip about a possible relationship (see also: when you insinuate that there is a fling between two people).

I DO NOT CARE: When you are not interested in what a person is saying (see also: who cares).

TO BE AFRAID: When you are afraid. It is as much a question as an assertion (see also: fear, uh?).

KEEP CALM: When you want to invite someone to get a grip (to be read with a double meaning. Hortatory / intimidating, "you're very calm" or seraphic "calm down, what's the hurry?").

PERFECT: When something went smoothly, without complications GET OUT OF HERE!: When you want to go or see someone disappear from your sight (see also: shove off, on, shoo, bounce, scoop).

F ** K OFF: No need for translation (see also: * &% $!? £ § @ * # @ ^)

VIDEO Learn Italian hand gestures with Dolce & Gabbana

Here are the names of the models that have lent their faces to the cause: Mack, Edward Wildings, Hedi, Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio, Joe Collier, Alexis Wells, Arran Sly, Clint Mauro, Ryan Barrett, Mariano Ontañón, Misa, Elbio Bonsaglio, Thomas guarracino, Evandro Soldati, Oliver Cheshire, Tony Ward, Chris Elsen, Diego Fragoso and Noah Mills.

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