Dog fancy dress - there's no reason for Rover to miss all the fun!

What could be cuter than seeing your pet pooch all dressed up and ready to join in your special occasion, whatever it may be? After all, they're part of the family, so get them to join in the dressing-up fun!

And with Halloween just around the corner, there's no better time to take a look at some funky, sweet, retro or even scary doggie costumes so that Mr Barker doesn't look at you with that big doe-eyed "How come you guys have all the fun?" expression on the big day.

Of course, dog fancy dress costumes are not your regular consumer item. You can't really just pop down to your local shop and pick one up. So you're best to shop for your new canine rags online.

So, what's out there?

Many fancy dress websites have animal sections, and if you're ordering in the UK, you'd be best off sticking to a UK-based website as, more often than not, you'll get free delivery. One of the best is acefancydress.co.uk:  - click on "dog costume" to see a whole range of dog fancy dress costumes, ranging from Robin Hood to Darth Vader, as well as the seasonal, if not somewhat macabre, Corpse Bride costume and that time-honoured favourite, Dracula Dog, all illustrated with hilarious pictures of doggie models proudly sporting their party gear! Prices ranges from £3.19 for smaller costumes to £15 for more elaborate stuff.

Although joke.co.uk  has some of the same stock as acefancydress.co.uk (and is slightly more pricey), it's also worth checking out, as there are some other pieces that are a bit more quirky. Good examples are the Sabretooth Tiger and Leprechaun costumes.

And if you don't fancy stumping up too much cash, you can always make your own! On instructables.com, author ArtisticBabe gives very entertaining step-by-step instructions for making uber-cute doggie fairy wings for "a puppy - (Or any pet you have and want to stick wings on)"! Just go to the website and search for "Puppy Fairy Costume Wings".

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