Does thermal clothing work? A short guide

Lots of people swear on the vital role of thermal clothing in keeping optimal body temperature in extreme weather conditions, especially when out and about in the snow covered outdoors. But does thermal clothing really work? And how? In this short guide we will take a look at some of the properties of thermal underwear and how to make sure they work for you.

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There are many different types of thermal clothing. In particular, thermal underwear is considered the most important single item of clothing by many outdoor adventure experts. It is the base and most important garment in the commonly adopted layering system, where different layers of clothing are added up in order to keep warm, as opposed to fewer, bulkier items. But even amongst thermal underwear, there are several different types by countless brands. Some are in wool, some in high tech yarns, or a mixture of the two.

Generally, the types of thermal underwear that dominate the market nowadays are produced by brands primarly concerned with competitive extreme sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. While these keep perfectly warm for the short time of a competition, they are not really appropriate for longer spells outdoors in extreme conditions. So first thing to do to make sure your thermal clothing will suit your needs is to find out what it was specifically designed for.

More generally, good thermal underwear that will not let you down, whether at the Arctic or in the desert, will have all of the following features:

  • They are made of lightweight, fine quality yarns, whether natural or synthetic. On top of that, the yarn must have been treated with an anti bacterial for permanent effect.
  • They are designed with built in channels that insulate and help regulating body temperature at the same time.
  • They fit perfectly and comfortably, thus allowing for various and ample activity.

For better outcome, explore the collections of some of the best British brands of thermal clothing:

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