Ditched! George at Asda wave bye to Coleen

What a horrible shame for Coleen. She won't be able to turn up to star studded events clad head to toe in George for Asda anymore - because she's been canned as the face of the supermarket range.

Fiona Lambert, brand director of George at Asda says Coleen did a smashing job for the brand - but that now it's time for the Scouse fashion queen to be led out to pasture.

"It's time to change the emphasis a little. We want to show that our core fashions are for everyone. Customers want us to concentrate on better designs and better quality but still maintain great value prices" says Fiona.

So who next to front the brand? Someone famous for conscientiously following fashion even it means donning supermarket garb to a red carpet event? Someone so synonymous with ordinary living and penny saving weekly shopping that daydreaming of her face instantly conjures up the Asda bum pat and jingle?

Carla Bruni of course. Apparently Fiona and co are hatching a plan to get the French President's wife as the new face of the range because they think she might appeal a bit more to aspirational thirty somethings.

Umm. Right.

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