Ditch your ditsy dresses and get smart

Spring is finally getting underway, and in our excitement we want to throw on a pretty floral dress and pumps, and pretend we're in Roman Holiday. But to do this would be to commit a mortal fashion sin; for power dressing is back. So find a tight pencil skirt, fitted tux jacket and vertiginous stilettos. And a scowl that shows you mean business.

Fashionista.com gives the details, 'It emerged first in New York and again this weekend in Milan, turning away from Working Girl (good movie, bad clothes) and toward a less ostentatious, refined declaration of strength.

Even Dolce & Gabbana replaced their signature finale stampede of fairy-tale dresses with a parade of monochrome black blazers, sans pants. And once Dolce & Gabbana abandon their whimsy for wit, you know it’s serious.'

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