Where to buy disney fancy dress costumes

From Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck, to Cinderella and Snow White, Walt Disney has filled the minds of generations of children. If you love all things disney and are looking for fabulous costumes, you will be spoilt for choice both online and in stores.


Where to buy disney fancy dress costumes

Due to the absolutely immense popularity of disney characters, it is likely that the vast majority of fancy dress costume shops will sell a wide range of disney costumes. To find a local fancy dress shop in your area, check out the Yellow Pages. Alternatively, head online to start shopping for all different disney character outfits. Here are some practical examples of online retailers supplying top quality disney fancy dress costumes: Fancy Dress.com, Dunbar Costumes UK, Fancy Dress Outfitters UK and Ace Fancy Dress UK.

How to save money on disney fancy dress costumes

Due to the difficult financial climate, most people are unwilling to spend much on non-essentials, such as fancy dress. Thankfully, you can save a fortune by creating your own disney costumes. For example, a pair of big black card ears and tail will suffice for dressing as Mickey Mouse. It is best to shop online, to get the greatest discounts on disney costumes. Here are a few suggestions of where to find cheap disney fancy dress costumes: Argos.com, Tesco.com, All Fancy Dress.com, Cheapest Fancy Dress UK, Party Delights UK and Amazon.

Another option to reduce the cost of disney costumes involves checking out charity shops, car boot sales and the E-cycle section of your local newspaper.

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