Discount designer bags- you want them, we got them!

Ask the vast majority of women for a wish-list and I'll bet you that a designer handbag pops up somewhere. Fashion magazines always show us the must have Mulberry, the new Jimmy Choo, the Prada that we can't live without. Even the magazines aimed at school going teens proudly display the bags from Juicy or Paulson boutique.

Generally the magazines have the price in much smaller font, probably for your own safety, and often the articles contain phrases such as "the eye watering price tag" or a "hefty price tag". You know when you see this that you can't afford it. Until now that is. Welcome to the wonderful world of discount designer bags! Bowling bags,clutch bags, bags with a chain strap, satchels... The list goes on and on.

Every woman knows the importance of clever accessioning and that a good bag gives any outfit an immediate injection of high end glamour. Looking through magazines only fuels a conviction that a particular bag will make you feel better about yourself, that even though it doesn't look practical, you can manage to fit everything into it (yes, you know you lie to yourself at times like these) and you try to justify the price tag to yourself. Isn't it great to know that now you can indulge in guilt free shopping. That instead of buying one bag, maybe just maybe, you could buy two. Or at the very least that you could afford the one you really wanted. Happy to help? Of course we are!

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