What are the main types of dinner dress?

If you have a big occasion coming up, take some time to discover your perfect dinner dress. The right dress for you depends on your figure, personal style and preferences and - unfortunately - often your budget will also come into play. Here we take a look at some of the most popular styles and cuts for dinner dresses.

Tent Dinner Dresses

Tent dinner dresses are fitted around the bust but they have no defined waist and hang loose from under the chest. Most tent dresses are quite short although mid and full length options are available. This style is popular with larger women, as it helps to disguise the belly. Petite women should steer clear as small frames can be swamped by the lack of definition.

A Line Diner Dresses

The A Line takes its name from the shape of the dress: it fits tightly around the torso and widens at the skirt. A Line dresses look great on any body shape. They're especially good for drawing attention away from the hits and bum and towards the bust.

Sheath Dinner Dresses

Sheath cocktail dresses are tight fitting and hug to your curves. Most finish just above the knee. Most sheath dresses are plain with few embellishments - they let your curves do the talking! This style is fantastic if you want to show off your body - but be careful the dress isn't too tight fitting. Sheaths can pinch rolls of fat and make even the most svelte figures look a little heavy.


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