Diesel kids jeans

Led by a number of talented designers, Diesel Kids is the counterpart of the famous luxury Italian Brand specially dedicated to children and babies. The urban, cool street look is a key feature to the brand, and when turned to children wear it creates garments that transform a child into a mini trend setter... Whether that's good or not, we leave the choice to you! One thing is for sure: if you must buy one Diesel item for your kid, make it a pair of signature Diesel jeans.

Did you know?

Diesel jeans are currently still made in Italy. Yes, we mean it. And 'still' because we know for a fact that many other items of the same brand aren't. But, let's face it, what really matters for the creator of the Diesel brand is the style, and one item: the jeans. After all, it is from there that this famous luxury Italian brand started. A burning passion for jeans and the America dream. Attention to detail, quality and style made in Italy. Each and every pair of Diesel jeans is born from this winning combination. This is why we believe that, in the kids collection just as in the adult ones, if you must buy one Diesel item, it should be a pair of jeans.

A lot of work and effort goes into the production of a pair of Diesel jeans. Some are hand finished - the ones with a smal, Italian flag sawn above the yoke on the back. All of them undergo special treatments, and depending on what kind of wash they want to achieve it can take from hours to weeks to get the desired look. Which explains their retailing cost. In particular, in the Diesel kids range, the price of a pair of jeans varies from £70 to £135 and beyond for children, £48 to £62 for baby and toddler. Of course there are a range of shops and store that offer discounted prices and promotions, so check out the following links:






Bargain grabbed?

You've probably found the perfect Diesel jeans for your kids, and gone on to get yourself a pair as well!

With so much choice of outlets and discount store, it seems that any fashion dream can come true this days. Especially for kids, designer brand wear doesn't necessarily have to be of the latest season. Surely our children won't mind if their Diesel jeans aren't quite the latest call, but rather the one before... Surely what matters is that those jeans will look good and feel comfy and last long enough to grow outof them, and possibly pass on to siblings...isn't it?!

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