Famous Diesel Handbags

Few beyond the fashion enthusiasts have heard of Diesel handbags. Dolce Gabbana, Pierre Cardin and other such names, have traditionally dominated this field. It will be interesting to see if the Diesel collection of handbags will succeed in dethroning these other established names in the way their brand of denim jeans has cut a niche among young adults.


Diesel is known for effective and innovative marketing campaigns. It mainly targets young adults in its promotions and that has seen it become a leader in the jeans arena. Its quest to give other designer bags a run for their money will call for more such innovation. With their focus firmly on the youth, Diesel hopes that it will find among them a loyal following that will grow with the brand through the years.

Design Innovation

Continuing its theme of youth-centered innovation, Diesel has launched bold handbag designs that go against convention. A good example is the Takit Print Wallet, a rectangular, strapless purse with graffiti-like print on it. It goes without saying that such a handbag is aimed at the restless teen or rebellious young adult. Older women would prefer a more docile beige wrist bag. Another standout is the Gig Cross-Body bag that spots a thin, lengthy strap attached to a small rock star-like pouch. Indeed, it would be perfectly handy for the young lady cavorting at a rock-n-roll concert.

Where to Get Diesel Bags

The list of websites below gives anyone interested in the Diesel culture a chance to access more information on the products and even make a purchase.

  • Leathershop.co.uk
  • Shopstyle.co.uk
  • Fashionshop.co.uk
  • Ukhandbags.com

With as little as £45, you can pamper yourself today with best of Diesel handbags and join the younger generation in style.

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