Diesel Fall and Winter 2013-2014 preview collection

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Italian fashion brand Diesel – famous for its for prêt-à-porter clothing is giving us a peak of what they have in store for us this Fall and Winter, with their 2013-2014 women’s preview-collection.

The Italian label founded by Renzo Rosso caters basically to young adults, so you’ll find various casual, but lovely outfits to take you through this upcoming fall season.

Diesel never really abandons its rock theme, which has made them famous, but this year they decided to go a little more romantic and feminine, introducing some delicate nude and soft pastel colors their line-up, but also bringing back a touch of gold into their color palette.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Diesel Fall and Winter 2013-2014 preview collection - Photo Gallery

The gold color is bright, but not hooker style brassy, rather a metallic hue that will go well with the pastel colors, but also other autumn colors, for the gals who want to make a statement and stand out, but without appearing vulgar, and as long as they stay away from going for the gold from head-to-toe.

In gold fabric you’ll find a miniskirt with a brocade style print with matching colored belt and also shoulder cap vest, that is more like a biker jacket with side zipper.

Many will fall in love with the edgy knee length denim dress with its leather lace-up detail.

To get this effect, Diesel hand sprayed the dress with bleach and dyed in a nude color to give the dress an original and very unique color.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Diesel Fall and Winter 2013-2014 preview collection - Photo Gallery

They also have an allover digital printed jumpsuit in a woven viscose, if jumpsuits aren't your thing, but you like the colored print, you can find a 2-in-1 dress with the skirt that has the same print, but there’s also a simple dress with the same pattern in jersey.

The collection also has shorts that is going to be very trendy this Fall, elastic waist pants with applied pockets, but also low waisted, super slim jeggings, for those of you that have the figure of a Cara Delevingne.

You’ll also find short sleeved t-shirts, shirts, tunics and several great looking jackets, and since you can never have enough little black dresses, Diesel has very sexy one that is fitted, and features a lace up detail on the back.

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