Dice handbags - the lowdown

Dice provide highly fashionable and stylish handbags at affordable prices. The following is some helpful information on Dice handbags and where to get them.

Dice handbags

Dice design a range of handbags for all occasions. They also provide a number of different types of bags including satchels, clutches, shoulder bags, wallets and purses. Dice handbags are made from high quality synthetic material making them more affordable than many designer labels. They are still however made to a higher standard than mass manufactured handbags. Dice handbag prices vary from around £8 to over £50 for top of the range bags.

Current styles

Current Dice handbag styles include a large shoulder bag with a distinctive shell design. There is a magnetic popper for the main compartment with internal zipped and open pockets. This bag comes in salmon and black. They also have a large purple faux leather handbag with a large metal buckle on the front. There is a zipped compartment on the inside with a slot for a mobile phone. There is also matching interior lining.

Where to get them

Dice handbags are available from many high street retailers and department stores throughout the UK. Debenhams and House of Fraser both stock Dice handbags. There are also a number of websites that sell Dice handbags and there are some excellent offers available. Shopzilla and specialist online handbag sales websites such as Zazzle sell Dice bags. eBay and Amazon also have some great deals on new and used Dice handbags.

Shop around

The prices and variety of Dice handbags can differ considerably among retailers. Because of this it is often worthwhile shopping around. You should check at least three separate shops and websites before making a purchase.

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