Diane von Furstenberg: beyond wrap dresses

Diane Von Furstenberg has accomplished more than making the wrap dress famous and iconic. The legendary style of dress continues to be the centrepiece of the DVF collection, but there's more to regale fashion lovers from lovely dresses and enchanting cocktail gowns to practical handbags and chic shoes. The success of Diane is attributed to a lot of things, but none equals the woman's burning passion at creating and sharing her work with others.

Design career: Starting with a wrap dress

Diane Von Furstenberg came to the fashion limelight when she presented the inimitable wrap dress. That was in 1974 and it was, an instant hit among women. Such was the success of the fabulous garment that a sample dress is now part of the Costume Institute of the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York attesting to its impact in the fashion industry.

The knitted dress or wrap dress is a simple concept, similar to a robe or even a kimono, without buttons and zippers. It is an easy dress to slip in and out, flattering curves and even hiding some flaws. Diane used jersey print jersey as a primary material. According to Ms. Von Furstenberg, wearing the wrap dress made women feel confident and bold contributing to its success.

Reinventing the wrap dress

After disappearing in the fashion scene for nearly 9 years, Diane made a comeback in 1997 to reintroduce the wrap dress inspired by women buying wrap garments from vintage shops. The wrap dress was back as a fashion staple and this time, DVF turned on her creative juices flowing and expanded her fashion offerings to include jewellery, shoes, bags, and accessories.

The heart of the designer shop is still the wrap dress with chic women’s clothes in solid colours and prints suitable for partying or business affairs. Cocktail dresses are also offered for sale in beautiful colours and styles from a bright green Madon dress with a revealing slit to an elegant, full length Ayya Dress in a sexy cut.

Adding accessories

Complete the look with leather clutch or evening purses, slinky wedges, chic boots or colourful scarf. Hat, belts, and sunglasses are also available. If you have any strength left, go for other pieces of clothing you might need such as tops, trousers, and coats.There is even a DVF signature luggage and fragrance for sale.

Dresses and more

Indeed, loving wrap dresses from Diane Von Furstenberg is just part of the equation. The woman is a dynamite as can be seen in her unique creations from the timeless wrap dress to a trendy and convenient designer hand bag. The DVF store is a one stop shop for things fashionable and trendy. Of course, for such quality, be prepared to part a little more of your cash than usual.

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